Are You Afraid Of…

Your own success or failure in your career, family, or everyday life? Public speaking, flying, animals, needles, the dentist, or even social situations?

How Pam Can Help

You may not even know where your fears stem from, but they are real! Your “fear” may even seem to make no sense to you – and you don’t know when it even started. And this fear is keeping you from enjoying many of the things in life you want or need to do. Pam helps you to become more confident, relaxed and able to conquer these fears in order to live the life you choose by releasing the panic and feelings of anxiety!


Are You…

Overwhelmed and feeling stressed out?
Do you feel as if you are out of control?
Is it a daily struggle with stress, anxiety and simple worries?

How Pam Can Help

Too many stressors can lead to panic attacks, irritability, sleep disorders, weight gain, low self-esteem and much more. We live in a fast-paced world and often times have over-scheduled lifestyles – too many things to do and not enough time! Pam can help you steer your way through the path of your busy life and create tools to help you feel and manage better.

Mindfulness & Well-being

Do You…

Worry about the future?
Do you feel like the world is moving forward and you are stuck in the mud?
Feel overwhelmed?

How Pam Can Help

Does your life feel out of balance, or that you’re just stuck? Do you sometimes feel you’re not taking the best care of yourself, or are you noticing aches, pains and discomfort in your body? Pam can help you achieve balance through mindfulness, along with emotional and physical well-being. When we are mindful and in balance, everything in our world works better. We have purpose and a direction by living in the here and now. And by doing this, we become more successful, happier and connected with the positive people in our life.

Sports Performance

Having trouble under pressure?
Did the “yips” suddenly come into your life and you have no idea why?
Not feeling like you are in “the zone”?

How Pam Can Help

Sports performance is taken very seriously in our society, both on the amateur and professional levels alike. How do elite athletes give such amazing performances when they are under pressure?  Simply put, they have both the mind and the body working together, thus keeping them in “the zone.” You’ve heard, “Get your head in the game”, right? With hypnosis, we can “get your head in the game” and help reach and exceed your goals.